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At Pervaiz & Harley PLLC, many of our clients come to us because they are interested in separating from their partner but do not wish to seek a divorce. If you have various reasons why you would like to keep your marriage intact but do not want to live with your spouse, a legal separation may be the right answer for you. Legal separation is similar to divorce in many ways but is not quite as final as a divorce, allowing you to spend time apart and see if you may be able to sort out your differences.

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What Does a Separation Agreement Entail?

There are a number of different reasons why some couples choose to seek a separation rather than a divorce. For example, protecting your children or remaining on your spouse's healthcare plan may be essential to your life. Or, perhaps, you simply have religious beliefs that keep you from getting a divorce. Regardless of the exact situation, you can count on us to support you and ensure you have the high level of representation you deserve.

A separation agreement will contain all the terms of your separation, including:

Divorce vs. Legal Separation

It can be difficult to understand the differences between separation and divorce. They share many of the same elements but are not identical. Whether you are getting a divorce or separation, you must file paperwork, you must live apart, and you must discuss the main elements of your shared property and interests. With a separation, you are not allowed to remarry and the process is less permanent.

In some cases, spouses who choose to separate later reconcile. However, if you wish to file for a divorce after separating, we can help you navigate the divorce process.

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