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If you and your spouse share minor children, there are a number of topics that you will need to decide on during your divorce or legal separation. Child custody and visitation go hand in hand as part of a divorce agreement. Typically, a child custody agreement will cover who has custody of the child and when the non-custodial parent can have visitation with the child.

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Visitation Agreements in Virginia

In some cases, you and your spouse may be able to come to an agreement regarding visitation. For example, you will keep your child during the week and on the weekends your spouse may visit. You can then propose this to become part of your divorce settlement. If you cannot agree between the two of you, the decision will be left to the judge during your divorce litigation.

Typically, the family court does whatever they can to keep both parents in a child's life when it is possible. Understanding the types of custody is key to understanding visitation agreements.

The main types of custody are as follows:

  • Joint custody: Physical custody is shared between both parents
  • Split custody: If there is more than one child, each parent would have sole custody of one child
  • Sole custody: Children live with just one parent

If one child resides primarily with one parent, the other parent can then seek visitation rights. This is also true of custody situations between unmarried parents. In some cases, visitation may be denied or supervised visitation may be required, such as in the event of domestic violence.

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